The Loss of Peace – Video Blog

Broken Pieces and Saving Grace (Series) – an Introduction (2 of many)

The first loss that came to exist at the first error of mankind was the loss of peace. We were once content with and only mindful of the good things that God had graciously and lovingly provided for us – the fruit of the earth, comfort and care, the companionship of the spouse God had given to us as a good and needed, loving remedy to loneliness – a way for us to express and share the love God had put into our hearts, and lest we forget, the best and most complete gift we ever had – the gift of Gods presence – walking with God, in fellowship with Him, here on earth. The creature in conscience and physical relationship with the Creator. Man and women were complete in this relationship – but not for long. The first loss came – it was the loss of this peace. The man and woman had been naked and no shame was felt – they were unashamed. Imagine that. So at peace with one another and ourselves, that we were not preoccupied with the way we looked or didn’t look. We thought more about others and God than we thought about our own insecurities. But sin (that transgression and first error) entered the world as we chose to disobey God’s direction and choose against God. The results were the loss of our peace. We, for the first time in human history, we were ashamed. We felt shame. We noticed and identified with pain for the first time. It hurts to be a sinner. That is our reality. And sin had entered our being – our bodies and minds were now infected. The bodies suffer, but so does the mind. Naked. What a shame was felt when we noticed that we no longer were content to be noticed – now, with our flaws – we were no longer content to be ourselves wholly – and the pain of insecurity grabbed hold of ourselves and we did what scared people do – we hid… and we hide. 

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