Sovereign Son by J.N.Wheels – Reflections on the Sovereignty of God

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Here we are, we cannot wonder…

Not too far…

Lost or not, wether we think we are or not… we are here.. right where we are 

and he knows it. 

We are where we are, and here is where we belong… for now.. but not for eternity.

We have run. 

Heart beat… run. Bump, pound, thump..

Thump thump heart. Run but go nowhere. 

How can we run? Omnipresent does not follow… it does not run. 

Where you are, there He is. 

Run from God? 

How is that?

In How many directions do we walk? 

In how many ways do we wander?

Faint heart faint. Rest heart rest. 

Fall, and what follows is all you were ever running after.

Running away, yet running after.

Embrace the Son…

For He has won every heart that belongs to the King.

Belong where you always belonged…

And, finally….rest.


Word Art by J.N.Wheels about the sovereignty of God.

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Music: Mattia Cupelli 



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