Episode 5 – Sunday Drive – 3M Podcast – Enoch and What is Expository Teaching?

Today on Sunday Drive, The 3M Podcast (also known as The Minister The Ministry and Me Show) Joel and Jeremiah Wheelersburg (J.N.Wheels) talk about Enoch and the book of Genesis in the Bible as well as a discussion about expounding on the scriptures and espository teaching through the Bible. What is Expository teaching and why do we find it beneficial? What is Not expository teaching and how do we get it wrong sometimes? https://jnwheels.com


Sunday Drive – 3M Podcast – Satan, Sovereignty and The Glory of God

On The Minister The Ministry and Me Show (sunday drive edition) Joel and Jeremiah Wheelersburg talk about that mornings Sunday Morning Bible Study on the drive home. Find more content at http://www.jnwheels.com brought to you by the 3M Podcast and Craftsman Home Inspections llc http://www.craftsmancolorado.com

The Threat of The Death of Doctrine in The Church – Part 1 with Jeremiah Jasso


J.N.Wheels talks with guest Jeremiah Jasso about the importance of keeping with sound doctrine in the the church for this generation and future generations. Should we be scared of Doctrine? Should we as christians embrace and teach doctrine? What is doctrine anyways? Find out on this episode of the 3M Podcast w/ J.N.Wheels.

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