About – Who is J.N.Wheels?

jeremiah D2L conferenceme at my best

My desire as a follower of Jesus is to encourage believers, persuade doubters, and encourage a productive dialogue about the biblical worldview.

I am a Jesus lover, Husband, Dad, Podcaster, Author, content creator, and speaker.

I created this Christian Blog, Podcast and Video Podcast because I want to see people realize the great love God has for them and fall in love with their savior Jesus Christ.

Jeremiah Is the Owner of a Home Inspection Business in Aurora, Colorado called Craftsman Home Inspections llc. Check it out at CraftsmanColorado.com

J is living to make Jesus famous.

Jeremiah is always available to speak at your Church or event.

Listen to Jeremiah as host of the Christian Podcast “The Minister The Ministry and Me Show”, named after J’s Book, also known as The 3m Podcast, often with special guests and audio blog and book readings.

Listen Here: https://jnwheels.com/the-3m-podcast/

Most Popular Blog Post: https://jnwheels.com/2012/07/21/my-first-hand-experience-of-the-theater-shooting/

If You would like to support the podcast financially, Click HERE (PayPal)


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