Our Lowly State Before Him – Video

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Broken Pieces and Saving Grace (Series) – an Introduction (1 of many)

The Salve We All Need

We are known by a God who desires to be known back. A holy God who has provided a way to be whole again. He is putting the pieces of our lives back together anew. That’s good news for those of us who accept that we are broken. That the many and intricate pieces of our lives, physically and emotionally are scattered pieces that are painfully spread too far apart for us to put them back together again without the help of God. After all, He formed us. He shaped us. He put us together in our mothers womb. He can help us get back what was lost. He can pick up the broken pieces from the ends of the earth and shape them back together. The empty hole – only He can fill it. He has the pieces that we are missing and He is the peace that we are seeking. Are you broken as I am? Time and time again, do you recognize your need to be forgiven, to forgive others… and, painfully, to admit your needy state before God and others. Believe me, God knows these things about us and our lowly state before Him better than we recognize it in ourselves. He is near to the brokenhearted. He binds our wounds and restores our losses – if not here, than in heaven. 

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