My Books!

A Great Book For Groups or Assistant Pastors 
This is a book that asks hard questions and helps provide productive group dialogue or personal reflection about where you are as a person or a leadership team in the church. Are you called to ministry? Do you have good friends that can support you and hold you accountable? Do you understand or know practical ways to help support those you serve in ministry? Are you serving and teaching biblically? If you serve in a big church or a house church, this book is designed to help all pastors or assistant pastors train one another and disciple others to glorify God and make disciples who will make disciples by starting with “the man in the mirror”. Available for sale from Westbow Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble! thank you so much for your support! It means the world.

-Jeremiah Nathaniel Wheelersburg, J.N.Wheels

Get the Book:

Wesbow Press

Amazon (order and it will be printed on-demand) Best place to find a deal on the book.

Barnes & Noble

-Jeremiah Nathaniel Wheelersburg, J.N.Wheels

Kindle Book Preview available at the bottom of this page.

Start Video Below at 1:50 to see the #3MBook featured on “Daily Brief”

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