Transformed in the Presence of God

It stresses the fibers of my being while trying to imagine the scene presented to us here. The vision alone is more than could ever fill our imagination. Can you see it now? at least try with me. Lets see if we can fill our minds eye with as much glory as possible (Col.3:1-2) (phil.4:8).

The location: the very throne-room of the Lord!

The cast: Isaiah, a few present angels, and the God who created the universe.

The mood: Worship, Fear, power, and humility.

I can see it now: myself, only a man, standing before the presence of the creator of the universe.I know my first response: grab some floor! I cannot imagine being able to stand in His awesome presence. The worship and declaration of His holiness alone shake the posts!

His glory is declared, and the room shakes! Not He shakes the room but the praise of His name causes shaking! How Awesome is His name.

His created angels cover not only their faces but the very ground that they walk upon in the presence of His majesty. There have been few men who stood in the presence of God; some fell on their faces, some fell down as dead, some felt unworthy and some cried: “woe is me!” And here in the midst of such awesomeness is one man.

Thats right, I didn’t say The man, or the best man or the greatest man or the most capable or the strongest… but a man.

The response of the man, Isaiah, is that of humility, shame, repentance and awe. what does he mean, undone? The word is da^ma^h (Hebrew). If your strange like me, you might think that the word sounds allot like our word, dumber (daw-maw). For that is precisely how the prophet Isaiah felt.

The word means to be dumb or silent; to fail, parish; cease or be cut down; and lastly to be utterly undone.

Wow! pretty strong language. Words are literally taken out of Isaiah as he is brought low and humbled by the presence of the almighty.

Cutting straight to my point: how are you standing in HIS presence?

What is your posture in worship (and i don’t mean physically)?

Are the posts of your heart being shaken at the declaration of His holiness (after all, your body has been called, the temple of the holy Spirit)?

Are you proud in heart or are you humbled by His presence?

Do you fear your God or have you become one to be feared yourself?

Lastly, though we could go on, Do you watch your words (after all, we are continually in His presence.)?

Do you remember the mood (from above)?: Worship, power, fear and humility.

True worship is done in the power of the Holy spirit as Gods people Fear Him in humility. True worshipers worship Him in Spirit and in truth.

May I encourage you to examine your spiritual posture in worship? And may we realize the greatness of God declared in the truth of His Word and worship accordingly, for He is a great God who desires to empower ordinary people who will humble themselves in worship. After all, He exalts the humble.

“Lord, will You to examine our innermost being? Will You reveal the darkness of pride and replace it with the beauty of humility. Show us a glimpse of your glory and use this ordinary man.”

May you and I learn to live in reality… Jesus is reality.