No More Fear – Conversations I’m having about Covid-19

Fear itself is a virus with deadly Consequences.
Every day has its challenges and rewards. Everyday we choose to walk into this world despite our fears. That is the challenge we all face. Is fear worth facing? Are the risks worth taking? Even deadly risks? We face this challenge every day of our lives – we always have. And we must face it again. Living is the reward. Facing your fears and living despite them is the Victory. No more fear. Not even of dying. We are done with fear.

Facing your fear is the challenge. Living your life is the reward.

For The Historical Record – How We Processed The Onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic – PODCAST With Joel Wheelersburg & Ryan Ritchey-Wilson



For The Historical Record – How We Processed The Onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic – Corona Virus With Joel Wheelersburg & Ryan Ritchey-Wilson. This recording was recorded 4 weeks before stay at home orders were issued throughout colorado and the country. more at

It’s a fun and encouraging listen! and its our 60th Episode!

Audio Reading – Whether One May Flee From A Deadly Plague – by Martin Luther

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Have you ever wondered how previous generations of christians processed pandemics, plagues and virus’s? Join me as we travel back in time 500 years and find out how Martin Luther processed how he and others might think about the bubonic plague that was ravishing Europe and his town. Audio Book reading of Martin Luthers, “Whether One May Flee From A Deadly Plague.” Read by J.N.Wheels 

From Luther:

From “The Hill”:

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Easter – The Savior Rides a Donkey, Not a War Horse – What is Easter?





On the Minister The Ministry and Me Show, Jeremiah shares about Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem before His death on the Cross and then Resurrection Three days later. Come enjoy part of the Easter Story. 

What is Easter?

What is Resurrection Sunday?



Evan Schaeffer

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New Podcast Episode – “Running While Running” – a break from COVID-19

Part of our Marriage Talks Series


Lindsay wanted to talk about something other than the Covid-19 pandemic so we decided to record a podcast about running while running! We wanted to give you a podcast moment where you can sit back and chill with us and enjoy our conversation and not feel so isolated. We talk about running, what to do when you have to Pee on a run (thanks to Joel dropping in on our podcast via speakerphone)! we reminisce, talk of learning discipline and mental toughness and laugh a little. I hope it provides that moment away from the coronavirus and gives you some time in community with us, the Wheelersburg’s.


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