My Book!

This is the complete Pre-Published Edition of the Book and it will be available for free for now. Please enjoy, pass it around, and leave your feedback below (I greatly appreciate it). I hope this book challenges, helps, and encourages you in your personal life, church and ministry. All glory to God.

-Jeremiah Nathaniel Wheelersburg

The Minister The Ministry & Me (dragged)

You can download the book in its ePub format directly to your computer for printing, or for reading on your tablet or phone by clicking on the “HERE” link below then click download. On your phone, click “direct download” and you can open the file in your iBooks or ebook app.

For Phone & Tablet Users, Click HERE


Simply Click on the book cover above and then click download!

3M COVER Final Rough Draft

Start Video Below at 1:50 to see the #3MBook featured on “Daily Brief”

2 thoughts on “My Book!

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